Hi, I'm Kathy.        Welcome to my  website.  

  I started painting in 2001 and found it opened up a new world for me. Now everything from reflections in the kitchen sink to a simple walk down my street becomes an exercise in colour, tone, light and perspective!


I like to capture a sense of light and the movement of nature in my paintings. By instinct rather than design I seem to have developed two main themes.

The "Irish" theme (as I am originally from Cork in Southern Ireland) is inspired by the wild Atlantic Coastline of West Cork, Kerry and Co. Clare and the ever changing light over the barren rocky landscape of the Burren and Connemara.

The "English" theme is mainly trees! Because of the systematic deforestation of Ireland centuries ago, old mixed woodlands are rare so I never tire of walking in woodland areas here in the Southwest of England. I love sketching all aspects of trees from close up studies of the patterns in the bark of a trunk to the panoramic glory of autumn colours at Westonbirt.When I start to sketch a landscape scene, more often than not it's the lone quirky tree that first catches my eye and draws me to the spot….the rest evolves from that first moment.